Anthony Deaver. Infinite Imagination.

I like words. I like the way they sound, I like their sub­tle shades of mean­ing, their power and their ori­gins. I like to make up my own words, roll them around on my tongue and see how they feel. I write sentence fragments. I often will use a sentence because I like the rhythm and cadence even if it doesn't perfectly mesh with the sentences surrounding it. I write “email” without a hyphen. I am a big fan of the phrase “muy­muy”. I have a love-​​​​obsession with the comma.


I like to put words together, occasionally they even make sense. I often write non-​​​​sensical fan­tasy and sci­ence fic­tion, or short flash fic­tion about dogs, cyber­netic mum­mies or canine detec­tives that shouldn’t exist. Kind of like the Won­der Twins if they had more imag­i­na­tion. I’m not sure you call what I do writ­ing, but it’s the clos­est descrip­tion I can come up with.

I like colors. I like the way they can brighten your day or give a sense of gloom and despair, I like the way watercolor crawls across the paper reaching out with little colored fingers toward their ultimate goal, and the way acrylics shift and waver, like they are trying to decide if it's worth their time to do what I've asked. 

I love the way they can inspire and manipulate. I don't like to color inside the lines, but rather let the color go where it wants, create what it wants to create. I am not an artist, I am merely the conduit between two seriously messed up worlds ;)

I put acrylic on watercolor paper, and draw on canvases with pens.  I paste paper on glass and glue plastic sheets to paper. Whatever it takes to get out whatever is in my head chanting around the campfire and telling scary stories.

It's a form of controlled chaos, and I'm not sure if I'm controlling it... or it's controlling me :)

Most of all, I like to make things. Sometimes those things are digital and only exist in the ether of the Interwebs, and sometimes those things are real, like pens, or rings, or necklaces, or paintings. Sometimes they are all of the above.

But I’m not an artist. I'm a sto­ry­teller. I tell stories, whether it's using prose, code, or paint. Everything from 'I like apples' to "Sam, Dog Genius". So no , I’m not an artist. Or an author. I’m a cre­ator. An Imag­i­nator. Is that a word? It is now ;)