Still progressing in spite of things...

So, once again I've managed to injure myself in a way that prevents be (or at least limits) my ability to create. This time it is my left shoulder. Apparently it was feeling left out of all the attention the right one was getting.

Even so I've managed to create a few of my 'fidget bead' bracelets. The first few, while nice, don't wow me, however the latest one does. It's commonly called 'green emperor stone', also known as Sea Sediment Jasper. Technically it's not a 'real' gemstone, not in the same way that Jade or Turquoise is. It's man made, and depending on what you read it's either made of Magnesite, or resin, or polymers. Hell it might be a combination of all of these. Regardless of what it's made of I find it attractive and exciting. What do you think?

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