"Cotton Candy" is an acrylic skin of blues and greens and blue mixed with pink and white with a smidge of yellow. It is set in a silver colored round pendant with a braided edge.


No clowns were harmed in the making of this pendant. Though I tried.


The striped maple is native to Nova Scotia, New England and the Appalachian Mountains as far south as northern Georgia. It is considered an under-story tree, since it seldom grows tall enough to be in the forest canopy. It is also called moose maple (it is heavily browsed in provinces where moose are still present) and goosefoot maple (reflecting the shape of the leaf).


This pen was hard turned from part of the branch shown in the picture and salvaged from local fallen trees. These pens are environmentally conscious pens, 100% sustainably harvested, local recycled lumber, and they’re 100% beautiful! No trees were felled to produce this pens.


This would make wonderful birthday, wedding, anniversary, or graduation, gift. This pen uses a Cross-compatible cartridge that you can find in stationery stores. The pen in photos is the one you will receive.


Model: Slim Twist Pen

Pen Type: Ballpoint

Ink Color: Black

Wood: Striped Maple

Fixtures: Chrome 

Refillable? Yes

Pendant Template

Necklace Length
Necklace Color

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